Author Topic: Candidate Q&A - 2014 Chair/President  (Read 1704 times)

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Candidate Q&A - 2014 Chair/President
« on: September 03, 2013, 09:09:10 pm »
This thread is for questions and answers for the candidates for the 2014 Chair/President.

Please remember the following when participating in the Q&A threads. The normal forum code of conduct applies, except:

There is a partial exemption to the rule that forum discussion cannot be about a person. You may incorporate personal comments, including praise or criticism, into your election questions and answers, and ensuing discussion, but only regarding candidates who are running for a position, or about another person if it is directly entangled with an issue germane to the outcome of the election. In so doing, you must still exercise standard courtesy, and refrain from profanity, disruption of the discussion, excessive vitriol, and irrelevant comments. Please keep in mind that there will be an opportunity for spoken comments at the elections meeting.
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Re: Candidate Q&A - 2014 Chair/President
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2013, 12:51:00 pm »
With attendee rate skyrocketing to the point of us keep having problems with things such as space and lines-

1) When do you see us outgrowing our current location and

2) When that moment comes, what are the next steps for us as a con? Do we stay put and put a cap on our attendee rate, turning people away year after year, or do you see us embracing our growth and taking steps to allow ourselves to grow.

3) What ideas do you have for such a move if allowing us to grow is the case? Convention center? Three hotel convention space? Taking the con further into Washington?

While we still may have a couple or so years to go before we need to think seriously about moving, the truth is we are getting bigger, I am curious to know where our future con chair stands when it comes to the future of the convention.

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