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PSP: Kumoricon Picnic With Too Many Names
« on: August 22, 2013, 02:58:19 pm »
Hello, again this year, guys!!!

The Phoenix Down Slackers are hosting another pair of picnics this year, the same that we did last year. Over the weekend we will be having a picnic in Esther Short Park before early sign-in for con on Friday so that people can make some pre-con friends and get each other pumped up for Kumoricon weekend. Then, on Monday we'll do another picnic so everyone can share their favorite memories from the weekend and exchange info so that we can stay in touch.

Day 0: We'll have the first picnic at Esther Short Park, which is that park next to the Hilton. It's planned for a couple hours before we can line up for early check-in, that way we can all go from the picnic to line together and be line buddies. Having this picnic before con even starts will give people a chance to make new friends to hand out with over the weekend and afterwards; it will also give newbies people to turn to to ask questions about con and make them less nervous about their first convention; and, it will give people familiar faces to turn to during events, or if they have problems that they would rather share with people they knew, or to go with them to report something to staff if they needed to (because con staff is SOOO scary ::) lol).
Start Time: 1pm-ish. Early sign-in starts at 3pm this year, so this is a good two hourish before that, and we can all head over together, or in groups, to get through the line when the time comes.

Day 3: The second picnic will be in Esther Short Park as well, probably around noon. Doing it on the last day lets us all come back together and share our favorite memories from con, find out what things we my have missed, and reinforce the new bonds of friendship we have made. The time might change with this one, depending on the schedule; I know some people like to go to Closing Ceremonies, and a lot of people have to travel back home, so it will all be about finding the balance with those things.
Start Time: Noon-ish as of right now, but subject to change.

Location: Esther Short Park, in the back, near the Pavilion.

What to bring: To make everything easier, everybody should bring their own lunch. Feel free to bring things to share with others if you would like to do so. I want to avoid a situation where someone plans on being there, and then something comes up and they can't, and then we've lost whatever they were supposed to bring with them. So, plan to pack your own lunch.

Those of you who came last year, this was the " Super Awesome Friendship Picnic"/"Super Awesome Friend's Hip Picnic"/"SUPERAWESOMEFRIENDSHIPPICNIC", "Not a Picnic, Picnic", "Pink Sign Picnic", and the "People In Cosplay or Not In Cosplay" picnic. If you recall, Ash was trying to get random people to join our picnic by offering chips and sweets that people brought to share.

Hope to see everyone there.
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