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(approved!) Super Hero Time
« on: August 09, 2013, 09:46:16 am »
[quote author=Paru link=topic=17936.msg782710#msg782710 date=1373667989]
Its been approved, I'm still thinking of line up changes. It will be space themed so more likely mega and gokai ranger then say goseiger.  I'll post time and location once things better confirmed(sunday?)

This is the line up: Kamen Rider Super-1, #1 Kamen Rider Black #2, Kamen Rider Fourze #1, Gavan 1, Gokaiger #37, Liveman #1 and Kyouyuger #1

So this isnt so much space themed, If it was simply Sentai because I've done it before that a all space theme might work but since I'm opening up 2 sub genres doing all space might be hard. the space arc is in the middle. While I did prefer to show shows that are completely subbed I made an exception for Super-1. Yes Rather its T-N, O-T, GUIS, or smaller\lesser known groups you can watch the entire show. I also wanted to show some contrast with each genre and Felt Black and Liveman are among the best expamples. Also wanted to leave it on a better note, I would normally do 1st episdoes for shows but felt Black #2 does a better job  explaining. As for Gokai well a real cool action episode was needed and well.. *spoilers*

Currently this panel is from 7:30am to 10:30 Oak(Panel room 4) Sunday morning(Just like SHT! just KR first then Sentai later)

As for which subs, favorite teams etc? For gokai & Kyouyger i'm using O-T. Sentai I like a variety of teams Dai, Gokai, Kyou, Magi are probably my favorites. I haven't watched as much Kamen Rider but Fourze & wizard so far I've enjoyed more.
I generally grab the higher Res with slight preference to mkv instead of mp4. But whatever is available I'll get, I also don't have space to do all groups with like 4 different sizes. So Expect one group only and bigger HD(1080 encodes not 720) in general.

If there is time I'll try to show the Gavan & SHTZ movie trailers. If you come by Gaming at the CC(building next to Quay) Ill have the external drive For as Long as I'm there(most of the con).
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