Author Topic: Pre-Kcon PJ Party!!  (Read 2988 times)

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Pre-Kcon PJ Party!!
« on: August 05, 2013, 12:53:15 am »
Attempted this last year, didn't go over so well, but it's another year so lets gather before the con and have some relaxing fun!

Basically we meet at the Red Lion (in the lobby with the chairs/couches) in cosplay pajamas :D so we can look like characters while bein all snuggly~

Probably would bring something like apples to apples or what not, and really this is for anyone, even if theyre not on this page, even could meet new people and get to know each other before hand :D (and maybe snacks??? thatd be fun. we'll see what happens!)

(I know Im going as Hungary from Hetalia uwu yay~)
and if you wanna see people whose coming, and more info, heres a link to the event on facebook :3
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