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Geek On My Sleeve Jewelry Sale 2013
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:38:28 am »
Hey, guys!

So, I had been polling the forums for a few weeks. You might have seen the threads about jewelry using gaming dice and Kumoricon-themed bracelets. Well, I finally got everything together and these items are now up for grabs.

I have a lot of items that are for sell, that you can reserve now and get delivered to you during Kumoricon weekend. I am not an official AA merchant or anything, so this is just me selling some stuff independently and hopefully giving people some nice geeky accoutrements. ^_^

You can peruse my wares here: Geek On My Sleeve Jewelry Sale 2013

There you will find photos, details on sizes and how to order.

Here are a few preview pics to whet your appetites.

And that's just a sample. Please do take a look if you're curious. I really just love making jewelry, making accessories that appeal to our particular subculture, and I hope you guys like what you see.

So hit me up if you want to reserve something for yourself!

*cue cheese-tastic pitch* You too can wear your geek on your sleeve!
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