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Anime Christmas:
A game similar to Musical Chairs where people sit in a circle and pass around a large bag of gifts. When the music stops, the player holding the bag will take out a gift box, which will contain a gift or a penalty. If it's a gift, the player keeps it and if it's a penalty, he/she will have to do what the anime-themed message says.

Once Upon an Anime:
In this game,  two people will take turns share their own stories that relate to anime or conventions and others will have to guess if their story is true or false. Each player gets a point for the number of wrong guesses and the player with the most points gets a prize.

Anime Debate:
Players take turns debating various anime subjects and the audience will vote on which choice is best. If anyone has any ideas for this panel they'd like to see, feel free to submit them.
Here are some that I'm considering:
Are Zelda games RPGs?
Ouran Academy, DWMA or Fairy Tail Guild?
Best Fairy Tail character.
Do Hetalia and Homestuck panels overstay their welcome?
Most annoying thing at an anime convention.
Best Anarchy sister.
Mario or Link?
Best Todd Haberkorn character.
Best Vic Mignogna character.
Zero or Ichiru?
Best twins, Hitachiins, Thompsons or Kiryus?
Worst yaoi fan pairing.
Fairy Tail or Rave Master?
Dub or sub?
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