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DIY Display Case questions
« on: June 07, 2013, 06:36:48 pm »
So I've been wondering... Is there a way I can make a figures display case out of some glass (though I'd rather acrylic).  I did find a tutorial that also uses LED strips (but I don't know how I would then plug it in, they didn't seem to go over that part of the tutorial).

I did find this LEXAN product
But 12x24 is kind of big for what I need. I need, more like, 6"x24". So how do I cut it?

Here's the tutorial I read
and the link to the LEDs

I don't need a shelf securement underneath, because it won't be a shelf floating on a wall. I have a thin shelf I have the figures currently in, but I'd like a way to have them in a clear case - and if the case could fit within the height of the current shelf and be able to be removed-- and if there's a way I could have a hinge for the opening side. Would I also attach the hinge with silicone or glues?
And would I need L brackets or something similar at the edges? I'd like to avoid them if possible due to visual aesthetics.

I'm thinking of making 2 cases and sticking them in together, that way there's not a singular piece of glass/acrylic to worry about when it comes to transportation later down the line.
The shelf I have measures (cm): 20x29x110
So instead, I'd make 2 cases being (cm) 20x29x55instead.
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