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Convention Webcomics
« on: September 28, 2005, 01:59:55 pm »
I don't know how many webcomics you guys read but I follow tons of them*. I've been promoting Con Screw in my sig for awhile now but I thought it was time to mention the manga-ka's other work that you guys might be interested in.

Fanbreeding. It's a one shot comic strip athat appears in the Nth Degree convention magazine. It's cute one shot jokes about fandom in general.
Here's whats come out so far.

Sometime after the final chapter of Sticky Wicket (Ranma 1/2 meets Victorian England) ends she will be starting a new comic called Yuusha Hime Kalibourne. The new comic promises to have aliens and robots and all sorts of craziness just like any good anime.

Kara, the artist, is a big time convention personality on the east coast and has done some voice acting, Once she was even featured in the Japanese dub of an anime! If any of you have seen my "I'm With Baka" or the "Inexplicable con Personality" T-shirts, this is where I got them.

Also, there is Fragile Gravity. this comic follows an art studio that produces a comic and of course attends conventions. They had a crossover with Conscrew and they are worth reading on their own. Currently the main cast are struggling agains a Penguin invasion.

There's plenty of anime themed comics out there, but do you guys know of any for Anime FANS?
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