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Con Safety Tips
« on: February 28, 2013, 10:58:57 am »
I recently read a thread that included some eye-opening stories about some inappropriate behavior at the con.  :(
With that said, I've decided to make this post to remind everyone of some safety tips when traveling alone or in a small group at any con. Please feel free to add any other tips that you don't see listed here that you think may be useful!
Harassment Tips
-If someone is harassing you, REPORT THEM: If a person is bothering you (touches you, tries to kiss you, hits you, or if you feel threatened in any way) try to take their picture and/or write down their name from their nametag. The convention has a record (nick-names on nametags/first & last names of every attendant) of all the pre-registered con-goers and will help you if you provide them with the best information possible.
-Keep an eye on your food/drinks: When going out, always keep an eye on your food and drinks. If you leave them out when going to the bathroom, buy new ones to avoid ingesting roofies.
-Important to have on you: Your cellphone (fully charged and turned on, always), keys (if you drive a car, it's best to travel that way instead of being on foot), the convention/city map (always know where you're going and plan before you go; avoid getting lost and staying in an area alone for too long!) a whistle and/or pepper spray.
Personal Safety Tips
-Be prepared: Anytime you're traveling away from home, remember to bring your medications, first aid supplies, and bring your own supply of food if you have certain allergies. Better safe than sorry!
-Avoid situations you KNOW are going to lead to trouble: Listen to that gut feeling, it's usually correct. If there are people or situations that you know could lead to getting into trouble or danger, don't get involved.
-Stay in a group: If you're alone or are attending a con with a friend or two, stay with them; or try to stay close with a group of other con-goers. Chances are, creepers will leave you alone if you're with other people.
-Don't wander around alone at night: If you're attending a game or event that goes on into the night, go with a group that's heading towards the hotel you're staying at. Better yet, plan ahead and book a hotel that is as close to the convention as possible! The less traveling you have to do alone outside, the better.
-Stay within the perimeter of the con and your hotel room: If you're not familiar with the area where the con you're attending is being held, try to stay within the area of the convention and the hotel you're staying in. Don't go too farther than that than necessary.
Everyone is entitled to a fun and safe experience. Please remember your manners, boundaries and respect each other!
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