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Cosfluff 2013 (summited
« on: February 12, 2013, 06:35:12 pm »
Due to the fact i want to keep this frist page updateing I am making a new post for the pannle thank you everyone fore your time and the wait.

Welcome, everyone, to the 2013 Cosfluff 
We are preparing for 2013! Here is the long list of what we have planned for next year:

Kuroneko cosplay would like to bring Kumoricon 2013 its Second plus size cosplay panel ever! The Kuroneko cosplay group is a wonderful group for all Plus size cosplayers. The leader of Kuroneko cosplay is Titus, a plus size cosplayer herself, who loves & enjoys cosplaying and would like to share all her tips to other plus size cosplayers!

Ideas for Topics to discuss at panel:
1) How to look slimmer for your cosplay (Lets talk about assets! Assets are a great way to hide the muffin tops.)
2) Crossplay for a larger chest and how to give yourself breasts (We talk about how to bind and and accentuate! -thumbs up-)
3) Showing off our plus size models in their cosplay and speak about them (Our models will be wearing "do" and "don't" cosplays; we will speak about each cosplayer and how they feel about the costume they are wearing.)
4) Help with portraying characters for you and your cosplay.
5) Do's and Don't if being bullied. (How to handle rude comments and hurt feelings.)
6) How to take a good cosplay photo.
7) Where to get and how to make good a plus size cosplay.
 8) Dress to impress. (Plus size clothing and where to get them.)
9) How to
10) Were to go for help and venting (And where not to go.)
11) What to do if something goes wrong at con.

12) Parents at con

Some of these topics may seem mean or may not be of interest but this is for every plus size cosplayer to feel comfortable around the character they are going for. For the enjoyment of con. We want no rude comments or disrespect. Cosplay is for the enjoyment. We love to see everyone here; Plus size to small. This panel is for everyone to enjoy! If anyone is making fun of someone, they will be asked to leave the panel, they cannot return unless they stand up and give a apology for making fun of what we are talking about or those who were made fun of.


'The Kuroneko cosplay' accepts everyone of all shapes and sizes. . We will be doing a plus size photo shoot at the con and meets when con is over.

A message from Kuroneko: Dear all plus size cosplayers, I would like to tell you that just because you are plus size doesn't mean you are fat, and doesn't mean you are ugly. Plus size can go from a size small all the way to a size XXXXL; you can be plus size because of your butt or your tummy, even your chest. No one is skinny; no one is fat. We are all built the way we are for a reason. But this panel is going to help everyone: gain more confidence in cosplaying, gain that inspiration in cosplay & life, and gain support from others. Just because you are plus size doesn't mean you can't cosplay. Don't read those hate messages on the internet; don't let people put you down when you hear "That person is too fat to cosplay that character!" Don't let those words of hate stop you from being who you are and enjoying what you love! LETS SHOW OFF THOSE PLUS SIZE COSPLAYS and show how great we can be!

Facebook groups: -Cosfluff group -Cosplay group

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