Author Topic: "51 Minds" (reality TV) looking for Male Cosplyer at Wizard World!  (Read 2850 times)

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I was contacted by "51 Minds," a reality TV show producer, who wrote:

"... one of the producers working on a new cosplay reality show (on a major cable network) that will document cosplayers as they travel and compete at various comic con and anime conventions around the country. [...] I was hoping that you could be of some help in finding a male cosplayer to participate in our show at this weekend's Wizard World convention.
"We are looking for a male cosplayer to participate in Wizard Worlds costume contest on Saturday night and would like that cosplay to be a fan of the cosplay world, crafting parts of their costume and enthusiastic about the competition itself. He would have to sign a standard appearance release for being featured on camera. We would need him from Thursday until Sunday in Portland, OR.

... Please feel free to post that to the forum with my contact information! We obviously are on a time crunch so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciate. And if any of you find yourself at the convention this weekend feel free to say hi when you see our cameras roaming around."

[Contact info removed, 24-Feb-13]


Disclaimer: Personally, I do not watch US television, 'reality' TV, and I don't watch (or pay for) cable-based entertainment services.
I am not a comics fan, and will not be attending Wizard World, but I am passing this on. I have no other information.
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Re: "51 Minds" (reality TV) looking for Male Cosplyer at Wizard World!
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I would have been all over this if I had seen this sooner, and had been planning on going to Comic Con...

Thank you for the post, though!
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