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I don't know... other than that bug report above is two years old, and the forum software here hasn't been changed in the last few days (or weeks).

I was using Firebug and removing tags from the text editor. There's an iframe, and inside that the body tag has an attribute called "contenteditable". It is set to false. I edited it and set it to "true" and suddenly I can right-click on spelling errors and the list of corrections appears.

It looks like it's an HTML5 attribute. From what I've read, it allows you to turn an element such as a <div> into an editable area. Or I guess in this case a body tag.

Regardless, pretty weird and I'm not sure what the ramifications are of changing contenteditable from false to true and why it only seems to affect Firefox.

It has been this way for me since the forum did its big update where the look changed. I was planning on posting on it when the switch originally happened but just kept putting it off thinking someone else would notice.

--- Quote from: JeffT on September 12, 2013, 07:11:11 pm ---For now, if you toggle the View mode (the rightmost button on the bottom row above the text editor), it will switch to code mode, you can fix the spellings, then post or switch back to edit more. I'll be on the lookout for a real fix.

--- End quote ---
Thanks, at least that works and I don't have to open up another window to fix my spelling. I wonder if this problem has anything to do with the cursor often appearing the next line down despite it actually being at the end of the text as it should. To clarify, if I click off screen and then click back on screen it often shows the blinking line (I wish I could remember the proper term) that tells you where you are going to type it is as if you hit the enter key to go to the next line, despite it actually being at the end of where you were typing last. I know I'm horrible at explaining things, but I hope that clears things up more than muddles things.


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