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Is anyone else having trouble with not receiving email alerts when a watched forum topic has been updated?  I am certain I have made a recent touch on some of them (while logged in).  I have even tried to re-select "notify," and I get the message: "Are you sure you wish to disable email notifications?" telling me I definitely already have it marked to alert me of changes (and yes, I select "cancel" instead of "ok" in that instance).

I have received NO email alerts since October 18th, despite having MANY watched topics and boards.  I used to get multiple emails daily.  Also, independently visiting the boards shows many new updates.

What's up?

Please let me know if I can provide my specific information to a web administrator, etc (if it's just me...).


Hmmmm.... VERY odd.  I just selected "notify" on THIS topic, so that I'd see any responses, and I got the message pop-up "Are you sure you wish to disable notifications on this topic?"  Now, I KNOW I didn't already set alerts on this topic already.  Hitting "ok" and then selecting "notify" once again asks me if I want to enable notifications.  Something is seriously screwy with the alert toggle....  Now I'm not sure what's set to actually email me...

Sorry about the problem. I know that the mail delivery system used by our forum is limited to 200 messages per hour by our web host, and that occasionally it seems to exceed that resulting in notification emails being missed.

However, I'm not sure why that would result in no emails being sent to you since Oct. 18. Just to confirm, you've received none since then? (Just asking again since that makes a big difference to what the problem might be.)

Notifications haven't been completely down since then, since I was able to trigger some in a test.

If you haven't received any since Oct. 18, then I'll look into it further. Also, if anyone else is having this problem, please post in this thread.

Correct.  Even on this thread, regardless how I tag it, I have received NO emails since 10/18.  I really want to be receiving these again...  I hope I'm not the only one having this problem!

Ok, thanks for the clarification. That definitely shouldn't be happening. Unfortunately, I don't have a quick fix, as the email sending system is managed by our web host, not us directly.

However, in a few days, I will investigate further in this problem, and file a support ticket with our web host if necessary. I'll post an update here. In the meantime, if anybody else is having the problem, please post in this thread--it's more data points if I need to file a support ticket.



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