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Stage Character Weddings
« on: November 01, 2012, 07:19:37 am »
So... I've seen this at other cons before (both in con and outside of con like in a park) where a cosplay couple (or even two friends. Who ever really is comfortable with it.) have a fake wedding in character. It can be funny or even it can be serious. I've seen many couples, including Yuri and Yaoi pairings. I do not know if the con rules or even regular general rules will rule against this or not, but I thought I'd post this.

A few others and I are trying to make something like this at Kumo next year. We have some character ideas and I'll type a list down and all.
We do need other couples. If you'd like to be apart of this, rather it's a couple or even being another part of the "Weddings"  like a bridesmaid, bestman, etc, just send me info via P.M. Any couple and pairing is allowed! If this event isn't allowed or anything, please remove this thread.

..:The Rehearsal Panel [Do a run down of all the weddings, configure scripts, work on improv skills, etc.] : [TBA]
...::Character Wedding Panel [The actual presentation of the weddings] : [TBA]

[Key: Green= Definite, Red= Maybe]

~..::List of "Weddings"::..~

~Yuna and Tidus~
Yuna [Bride] played by: Chromophobic
Tidus [Groom] played by: soraandfriend
Maid of Honor:
Best Man:
Ring Bearer:

~Taichou and Karin~
Taichou played by:
Karin played by:
Best Man: Ichigo played by:
Maid of Honor:
  • Rangiku played by: lilyrosa143
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