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Re: Kumoriball 2012
« Reply #50 on: September 27, 2012, 09:16:01 pm »
Throwing in my 2 cents.

This was my first Kumoriball, and I had hoped it would have been slightly more proper.

To me it ended up feeling like a high school move-your-body-however-you-can event with people dressed in nice clothes. I was also expecting a bit more of classier ballroom-type music. Pachelbel, Mozart...

Even with the music up on the screen, I was confused about when to dance, when a dance ended, and when or what the next one was supposed to be... if classier or more relaxed, if that even makes sense.

What upset me the most was how the line-up "happened" outside. I was one of the people who tried to get in line, then was told by a staff member, that the lining up was ABSOLUTELY NOT HAPPENING at ALL until 30 minutes before the ball so that "other people getting out of panels have a chance to get in line to attend the ball too." The staff member also said that people weren't allowed to hang around nearby either. We were told to go back into the hotel. The people that were lined up were told to leave and return in 10 minutes.

I understand this, and I agree that enforcing no lining up or even lingering around is appropriate, I was angry at how this was handled. When I returned in 10 minutes, not only was the line LONGER, but I was told, by others in line, that people had almost instantly re-lined up.

I was thinking, what, did the staff members leave as soon as they thought the line was gone, and did they not check to make sure people weren't creeping back into line before the specified time? This, to me, seemed like this 'fair attempt' for 'others who were still in panels' didn't work too well.

Oh well. Besides that, I got in and I really enjoyed myself. I hope they do it again next year!

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Re: Kumoriball 2012
« Reply #51 on: October 05, 2012, 11:33:22 am »
I was really surprised by the lack of traditional classical music, as well. I'm accustomed to the Sakuracon ball - which I've been a host at for the last two years - which admittedly plays some pop songs. But it's usually only one or two, and then we're back in the swing of things.

I have to make a note about the hosts for the K-con ball this year, as they were very nice and made an effort to talk to people on the sidelines. More than once we ended up having really nice conversations. Usually I was out and about asking other people to dance (host habit) but the few times I was on the sidelines someone with a boutonniere was like, "Would you like to dance?"

Someone earlier mentioned that everyone should keep their conversations to a minimum, but that's a big part of relaxing someone during the dance, I've found. Especially when they didn't quite understand the dance lesson beforehand. (Which, hey, is gonna happen. And it happens a lot.) Asking them to keep their conversations DOWN would be nice, however, which would also require for the music to be quieter. (We could also run into the issue of people who don't know how to monitor the volume of their voices, but that's an issue anywhere you go.)
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Re: Kumoriball 2012
« Reply #52 on: October 11, 2012, 09:54:04 pm »
Referring to the comment on conversation.
I thought, traditionally, a ball is a social event, where you're SUPPOSED to get to know people, and talk to your partner, and that the music should be loud enough to enjoy and dance to, but not drown people out of their ability to quietly converse to one another.

That's just what I heard anyway.

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Re: Kumoriball 2012
« Reply #53 on: October 14, 2012, 01:23:59 pm »

As one of the individuals responsible for the operation of equipment in the Main Events room, I could certainly offer a few suggestions to help make things more pleasant for everyone in the ball. The first would be to encourage those at the ball to keep personal conversations to a minimum and if needed to take things offline (outside).

Also, your location in the room could make a large difference as well. We were driving the front of house speakers just a bit louder than the rear of house speakers to try to keep the music just above the ambient level of the room. This would also allow those that wanted quieter music to be toward the back of the room.

Another good idea would be to make sure the music sources are taking from high quality CDs and then all properly normalized to be the same volume level. I did notice that some tracks varied quite heavily, making it difficult to maintain a consistent volume level.

I think running the audio through some compression and a limiter next year before it hits the soundboard might work just as well.  We just need to be set for it and spend some time moving around what is in each of the racks. 

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Re: Kumoriball 2012
« Reply #54 on: December 12, 2012, 07:36:07 pm »
Greetings everyone, this is the pirate.

About 3 weeks before the convention, I was told that we were actually *having* a ball. I offered to teach lessons, and organized some music. What I did not account for was just how much interest the lessons would have, or even how people would react to the music. What I was hoping to accomplish was to show people that dance can happen with modern music as well, thus gaining more attention for the ball. What I did not realize was that people would consider it 'rave' music.
I did only have my off-time during those 3 weeks to organize a set list and determine which dances to teach. For that I apologize, and will work to make a more fitting song list.

The song list, as it appeared at the ball was as follows:
Swing De Chocobo---Sing-Time Swing
Life after you-----------Nightclub 2 step
Creeper----------------West Coast Swing
Aeris' theme------------Waltz
When you're evil--------Tango
If I were a core---------Night Club 2 step   
Spirited away-----------Waltz
Mario Theme------------Sing-Time swing
Perform this way--------West Coast Swing
You and me   -------------Night Club 2 step
To Zanarkand-----------Waltz
Footloose---------------Single-Time Swing
G33k and g4m3r girlz-----West Coast Swing
Waltz to the Death------Vienese Waltz
Masochism tango--------Tango
Whatever it takes   -------Night Club 2 Step   
Zoot suit riot-----------Single Time Swing   
Angel's Waltz-----------Waltz   
I see the light-----------Foxtrot
Fireflies-----------------West Coast Swing   
Sho's Lament-----------Waltz
Want you gone---------West Coast Swing
Tank-------------------Triple Time Swing   
Zelda Lullaby-----------Last Waltz

Polka, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Vienese are all considered classic dances.
The west Coast, Single-time, and triple time swings are more modern, and Nightclub (slow dance), is of course a modern dance.

Songs were chosen because of dancability, and how they were expected to be received. There are a variety of dance types in the list, some classical and some club. No song was thought to be 'rave' music. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. My bad.

So I would ask: What would attendees prefer? A strictly classical ball, with classical music? or a blend?
A new thread will be posted asking for ideas for songs. Perhaps another for what dances attendees would like to learn.

Thank you,
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