Author Topic: Swap Meet Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting  (Read 11186 times)

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Swap Meet Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
« on: June 25, 2012, 08:39:50 pm »

    What TO do:
    • Post useful descriptions of your items. You don't need to try to anticipate every question someone could ask, but at least include the most basic information (i.e. "What size is it?").
    • Please keep chats as short as possible. If it goes beyond a few posts, it needs to go to PM.

      What NOT to do:
      • No adults-only material (rating of: 18+, NC-17, AO, or equivalent), no bootlegs, and no fansubs/digisubs or other unauthorized copies of copyrighted content. These limits also apply when you link to items offsite, as well as the general content of those sites. Please use discretion with what you're selling. If you're unsure whether an item is appropriate, this forum is probably not the place to sell it.
      • Don't use the forum to advertise high-volume businesses or sales; it's meant only for personal and/or low-volume sales and trading (i.e. no more than a small shop or an artist alley seller). However, links to a business in the course of selling or trading personal items are usually acceptable.
      • Don't advertise your stuff in someone else's thread - it makes you look bad, and makes everyone else grumpy. Please make your own thread to sell/trade items.
      • Don't bump excessively to keep yourself "on top" all the time - others have items to sell, too. Bumps that are frequently less than three days apart will probably result in a request to tone it down.

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