Author Topic: I do art, I also produce anime inspired "Electro" tracks. Opinions?  (Read 3286 times)

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Hey all!

The names: "Sama", or Terrence. Whichever you'd prefer.

I have been a (somewhat) regular to kumoricon, and have been thinking of joining in on the artist alley. I also am hoping to maybe start DJing at some conventions in the next two years or so. Now I am an artist (animation) by trade. However I would love to be a producer of music on the side. I am currently working on an animation project, and am producing the entire soundtrack.

Introductions out of the way, I would love for all of your opinions on my artwork, and my music.
I figured I would post on this sub forum, seeing to it the topic was: "Fan Creations". I do believe my tracks might be... Fan related. As for my art, the examples I have are original pieces. Nonetheless, I would love input and I may begin working on some more anime related pieces.

Now it has been some time since I have used a forum, so here are links to my "Deviantart" and my "Tumblr".



As for my music, here are a few tracks I have made:

Fandom Hearts:

Mushi Master:

I also do some of the art work for my album covers. ;P Whether it be freehand, or photoshop. (I.e Mushi Master was not hand drawn..)

Please tell me what you think of my stuff. Preferably, my music. The reason why, is I am currently a student at the Art Institute of Portland. Thus I am pursuing the arts in a fashion that will continuously change in style. Well I mean, my music will too, but I'd appreciate some feedback! (: