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Kudos to volunteers
« on: September 08, 2005, 01:07:22 am »
regarding lauren:
in addition to winning first place in our black and white fanart contest in the fan creation station, she was a stellar volunteer--initiating as well as following through, a variety of last-second bits and pieces of help i didn't even know i needed til she offered it!

and initially she approached me with an offer to enhance our manga panel/workshop....specifically speaking with regard to varieties of publishers and how to approach getting published.

so i call "dibs" on at least some portions of her time if possible!

thanks lauren, love ya!

meantime regarding alyx (a winner of awards in both written fanfic and fanfic theatre):
if those options don't work out for ya, you certainly would be more than welcome to help out in the fan creation station!

thanks alyx, love ya!

ellen klowden
aspiring to remain staff
in the specific niche of running the fan creation station
and various events, contests and panels therein
regarding fan art, fanfiction, and fan-created theatre (improvised and scripted)
Ellen. 2003: Fanfic panelist & contest judge.
2004: Beta Station Coord. 2005: Fan Creation Station Coord.;pre-event assistant to the con chair.2006: Fanfic Mgr/C.S. Coord.
2007, 8, 9, 10: Fan Creation Manager. 2011: Writing & Editing Coord (Publicity).