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Manga: Tainted Angel
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Hey, folks!

For those of you who don't know me my name is Bastett or to the people who want to call me by my human name it's Kerry.  I've been a veteran Artist Alley artist for about 5 years but the past two or three years (I forget) I haven't been able to attend Kumoricon due to the current economic struggle and the process of the AA applications.  I hope to change that this year with something I've promised my fans for years: a comic!

I'm here to tell you that I've been faithful to my fans and hopefully here to gain some new ones.  

My comic is called Tainted Angel.  It's a Shojo manga for teen girls ages 13+.  The comic is totally original and it's been popular for a while (TA even garnered a fan club and followers on where it made it's debut).  The forum closed at around 10,000,000 page views!  That's pretty impressive considering I didn't have a lot of experience with making comics (well, good ones with flow, ehehe!) and the art work didn't even have shading or tones.  I told my fans I would bring back TA in it's full glory with a new story that would make the original flow.  What I DIDN'T tell the fans was that I would be installing a short story for a character who was insanely popular in the original comic: The Goddess Calla.  Yes!  She has her own story now!!!

The Story
How far would you go to protect your dreams?  Allison Meadows, a young pop singer knows the price all too well after a crazed fan attacked the young singer before a major concert that would determine her fate as a singer.  Hospitalized, the young singer is visited by a reporter by the name of Karen Morris, who has been visited by an Angel seeking her soul mate.  Things start getting interesting as we soon find out that there are beings in our world called Elements who attach themselves to human counterparts in order to protect something precious to them.  But there are horrors in this world aiming to crush these dreams.  As the investigation continues as to who attacked Allison Meadows, Karen Morris must face her ex-lover Kaito while realizing that she has a power she doesn't know about.  Can Allison find the courage to confront her lover and help Allison save herself before she harms others?  And who is this mysterious angel who visited Karen and what does she have to do with the Elements on Earth?  Find out in this exciting drama/fantasy by Bastett!

An art gallery will be up soon as well as new pages on

Thanks for checking out my comic and let me know what you think!
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