Author Topic: Loaves and Fishes and other charity organizations.  (Read 1716 times)

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Loaves and Fishes and other charity organizations.
« on: December 16, 2011, 04:17:49 pm »
Hello folks ANimeman73 here. Last week my stepfather started taking me with him to a place called The Lents Center. It's part of the Loaves and Fishes: Meals on Wheels program. Basically they're a charitable organization that cooks meals and takes them out to elderly indidivduals and couples who have a hard time getting around in their waning yearrs. I've found it's actually a geat feeling knwoing you've done something to help somebody who can't walk all that well anymore because either their body is failing them or circumstances have permennatly injured them. Currently the organization is looking for more drivers and cooks to help with the meals. If anyone living in the Southeast Portland area or Portland itself can drive, or better still cook that's interested in volunteering their time please PM me and I'll send them the e-mail for the person in charge to learn more abiout what's required.

I developed this thread for those of us who are involved with some kind of charitable organization. Because while it's good to look after our own conditions there are times in the world where everyone needs a hand. So with0out further adieu everyone fire away.
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