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manga contests!
« on: July 31, 2005, 02:34:08 pm »
just wanted to be sure folks know that there are 2 manga contests within this year's kumoricon: one for works completed before the con, and one for works completed at the con.

art may be black and white or color. art may be in any medium, color or not, digital or hand-done.

there may be text or no text.

art and text may be by the same person or it may be a collaboration.

there are no limits on numbers of submissions nor on content, other than asking that it not be so explicit that, if filmed, it would be rated x rather than r or nc-17.

feel free to contact me on or off the forum about this, or simply bring your work to the fan creation station prior to 10 pm sunday night.

of note is that manga also count as source material for the fanfiction bedtime stories and fanfiction theatre contests in the fan creation station sunday night. (i.e., they may be read aloud, and/or cosplayed, for prizes)

hope to have a lot of participation; there's a tremendous amount of talent on this forum!
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