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Team Fortress 2 Items??
« on: November 17, 2011, 11:12:41 am »
So... there's apparently not that much TF2 official merchandise AT ALL.

Does anyone know where to find fan-made artist alley type items online for sale?
I've looked at Zazzle. Etsy. Amazon. And I've been, believe it or not, been through every page on DevArt, posting a comment asking if the artist would be willing to commission on every single piece I chose.

I really want to find something TF2 related for a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas, he's insanely into it, especially an action figure or something cool of this nature:

Or does anyone themselves make things like this?

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Re: Team Fortress 2 Items??
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2012, 08:44:58 am »
I would ask the artist on etsy who sells her TF2 panties. They have some tf2 fabric and says they can make any character you want.
Obviously, its been a while since you posted this, and you probably already found something for him, but in case you're still looking; here are some ideas.

TF2 Tie blanket : If you wanna do this, which I will tell you is fun but at the same time nu fun at all, I would suggest you get the colors you need, like say you're doing a medic one. Get the team color for the front, and the opposite for the back, and then get very little white, red, and I believe yellow. Cut out the shapes and things of the medic, like his cross and speech bubble thing, and a little bit of black for his pack, and stich them in places on the front piece of the blanket. Once you've got that, you can lay out the pieces and begin cutting and tying.

As for the charms and dolls, I would say to be very very careful. I ordered some dolls from a girl on etsy, paid her, and never saw my dolls but she greatfully used my designs for herself. Took me six months to get my refund from her.

You could always get him a print. I find that to be very pleasing for a christmas present. I always give my boyfriend underwear, candy, and one of my own prints for christmas, his birthday, and valentines day cuz they're all around the same time. But you can go on dA and find a picture or fanart of his favorite player (mines the Heavy) and buy a print of it, then get it framed and give that to him.
I got a framed print for my lil brother for christmas, of the Blu Scout cuz its his favorite player, and he loved it.

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Re: Team Fortress 2 Items??
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 09:45:09 am »
yeah the blanket would be pretty easy to excute, just a bit time consuming as you would need to pin exactly where you want it before stitching

do you sew i think i have seen posts from you but am not sure. it does get pricy cuz its a lot of layers of fabric.
some of design shown is just fabric paint which woul;dnt be too comfy but if on the reverse side not an issue
if for christmas you can get the fabric bit by bit using coupons and save a bunch, or wait for a sale.

But it stitches designs beautifully for overlays just use a zigzag stitch

I am trying to find an example...
does he like heavy? do you guys cosplay characters?
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