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Can you play guitar!?
« on: November 20, 2011, 11:52:49 pm »
Our band(drummer and bassist) is seeking a talented guitarist to come in, learn the songs we have now, and help create new ones. We need someone who can come in, get the job done, and wants to see the band succeed!
Someone who likes, or enjoy anime, and perhaps is a geek would be even better. However, if your fine with what our theme is about and will support it, then that's fine too!. After all, your devotion to the band it what's important!

We write our songs based off of Japanese anime series. The lyrics are written as to reflect the anime series, and not make them sound like a synopsis. Written creatively as both anime fans, and rock fans can enjoy the song.

Genre: alternative / progressive rock
Current songs: 9
Our drummer likes to play classic driving beats mixed with creative fills. Our bass player plays just like Flea and is very creative in his style. We are super laid back, easy to get along with, have a great time, but also keep a professional approach. :)

Our current goals are to get this CD going, and start playing out at local clubs/cons, etc. Even tour the Pacific Northwest to various cons!

We were thinking that our main, or casual attire, will be traditional Japanese school uniforms, and for cons, we will cosplay as our favorite characters!

What we expect from our guitarist;
* Devoted, dedicated, and reliable.
* Transportation to and from practice.
* Positive and upbeat attitude. No egos!
* Must be able play the guitar and be able to collaborate equally. No, you don't have to be a pro.
* MUST be committed. Yes, people have lives, but be able to find time to dedicate to this project.
* Enjoy the aspects of the band theme and help see its success!
* Are ages: 31 and 34

* We have our own practice space near 26th and Barbur Blvd. in Portland.
* We practice on Friday nights at 7pm & Saturday nights @ 8pm.
* We have nice gear, pa, etc...
* Plenty of samples to go around!

--Please whisper me here on the forums for my number. :)
--U can listen to our samples at our old band page: --We say "old" because we are not sure if we will keep the same name. :)
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