Author Topic: Homestuck-FANTROLLS UNITE!!!  (Read 1693 times)

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So after a discussion with a few friends of mine I finally built up the courage to do this.  The basic point of this thread is to build up enough people to dress up as their fan-troll to do a photo shoot, and represent all the young dead trolls of Alternia (because we all know their weren't only twelve).  Please introduce your troll the classic way, as I will further down, and I will list your user-name and troll below.  I will be answering any questions you may have with said friends advise.  Please help keep this thread alive!

Without further to do my fan troll: your name is AEMILIA SANGUIS. The few interest you have are considered weird and unusual, but you are unaware of it.  You like to create cute and pretty outfits despite trolls dislike of fashion.  You have a habit of painting your, and your current matesprit's, horns in various colors.  Your ridiculously low blood color keeps you inside your hive at all times, but you have learned to deal with it.  Although you don't like using it, your weapon of choice is a thread of thin metallic wire that can slice through most organic material, you like to use it for sculpting though.  Those who do chat with you online are used to translating your unusual talk of non-troll subjects and claim it be insanity from never leaving your hive.  Your trolltag is karmaBlood, and you talk in a manner that leaves others WAITING-for-THE-next-OUTBURST-of-NONSENSE!!! 


Kittyhumaniod(me)-Aemilia Sanguis