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Videos with Princess Peach in them
« on: September 12, 2011, 11:18:06 pm »
So yeah, Princess Peach is a video game character so I'm linking these here. As of this typing I don't know where it shows the costume, but the "Princess Peach is..?", is one that I know she is in costume.

Happy Birthday  
Day 1 Part 1  
Princess Peachean Rhapsody
Day 1 Part 2  
Cosplay and Con Woes...
Day 1 Part 3  
Badge Ruins Photo Shoot
Princess Peach is..?
Day 2 Part 1  
Chips and Pills  
Rock band Runner up
Rock band third place
Winning Rock Band Group
Day 2 Part 2  
Mario does not like me!
Revolving Doorness
Transformer Walking?
Badge in My Hair
Yuna and Rikku Rock Band
"Rave Dance"  
Time Warp  
Day 2 Part 3  
Yoshi Cosplay Idea
Day 3     
After Con