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Schedule for Cosplay Competition-related panels
« on: August 27, 2012, 09:38:05 am »
Now that the schedule has been generated, it's time to let you know when to be where for Cosplay event. We currently have 25 skits and 32 costume entries (costumes entered as a group count as one entry) signed up. Costume entries are FULL; skits still have room for additional entries if you know of someone who was debating about entering – we're hoping for a record number of skits so we can extend and expand the Cosplay event!
In addition to Cosplay, the Main Events hall will be hosting various Guest panels during Sunday so our schedule is not as open as it traditionally has been. Please be sure to keep this schedule handy so you know where to go and when.

Notes for each event are included in description:
When: 21:00 –22:00 SATURDAY (yes, 9PM-10PM SATURDAY! )
Where: Panel4 “OAK” in the Hilton
What: Cosplay pre-meeting
Who: At least ONE member of each group MUST check in.(parents of youth entries may attend in lieu of the entrant should this be past the child's bedtime.)
Why: Final Deadline for all entries / changes; get schedule for tech rehearsal and costume judging; ask Cosplay staff questions; hear any last-minute announcements; officially check-in as a participant.
           - PLEASE arrive on time to reduce chaos and staff stress.
           - Costumes NOT required at this meeting
When: 07:30-10:30 Sunday
Where: Main Events Room
What: Cosplay technical rehearsal
Who: ALL entrants & Cosplay Staff
Costumes NOT required, however if at least part of the costume you are wearing is difficult to move in or see where you are going or if you have a rather large prop, you may wish to wear part of the costume so you can practice walking up the stairs onto the stage and moving around onstage wearing that portion.
- Walk-ons will walk across the stage once each to get a feel for the size of the stage and to determine when and where to pose.  Walk-ons will be the first time slot – 07:30 to about 07:45 - since this is rather quick.
- Skit entrants. Please arrive on time. This is a technical walk-through to help coordinate ninja assistance, lighting, music, etc., not a full rehearsal, so you will only be on stage long enough to test your audio and confirm technical queues. You can rehearse elsewhere afterward.
- You may stay or leave at your discretion, however if you miss your turn, your group will be disqualified. (If you stay, you can see the other acts).
- Please check in with the Stage Manager (Deborah Stansbury). She will call your group's name when it's time for you to bring your music to the tech booth & when it's time for you to go on stage. PLEASE do not go directly to the tech people as doing so may cause confusion.
When: 1100 - 1500 Sunday
Where: Panel 5 – Hemlock in Hilton
What: Costume Workmanship judging.
- Be sure to arrive at least 10 –15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot – if we are running ahead of time, we may pull you in sooner.
- Costumes REQUIRED (duh).
- Bring your costume documentation (you will keep it with your possessions so we don't accidentally lose or damage it)

When: 1600 Sunday
Where: Panel 2 – Heritage F in Hilton (aka Green Room)
Who: All entrants must be present in Green Room.
What: Preparation to go on stage – NOTE: Seating starts at 1600, so if you have elaborate costume or props, you may come down earlier – the previous panel ends at 1530)
- Costumes REQUIRED (duh). 
- We will have a video feed of the Cosplay competition into the Green Room so you may view the other entries
When: 16:30 – 19:00 Sunday
What: Cosplay Contest
            - Follow directions of Green Room "Mom," cosplayer wranglers, and stage crew for when and how to head to the stage for your act.
            - After you act is over, you may either find a seat in the main events hall or return to the Green Room to hang out or watch the rest of the competition on the video feed.

            After Cosplay Competition ends, Ninjas of the Night (our MCs this year) will put on a special skit to entertain the audience while the judges compile the results and determine winners. Please stick around for that since it's expected to be good. As soon as the judges are finished deciding, they'll announce the results and call the winners up on stage to take a bow*.

  * Prizes will be available in the programming suite starting a few hours after the winners are announced. (Winners receive certificates and will be allowed to CHOOSE THEIR OWN PRIZES from the selection of prize packets).

11:30-12:30 Monday in Panel 2 / Heritage F - Cosplay contest feedback session : this is a session to allow the workmanship participants to talk to the judges and get some feedback on their costumes (we'll do as much as we can given the time and number of participants...)  <-- hopefully this session will be helpful to you.. :)