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Hello everyone this is Animeman73 U.S. West Coast Taekwondo's liason for Kumoricon 2011. I am pleased to annouce that once again we're coming to Kumoricon for 2011.

Come and check out the raw power and energy of real martial arts. And at the suggestion of some helpful Otaku we're going to be having some self defense lessons (Strictly White belt stuff), and give all of you the chance to learn some moves. We'll even have a few boards to sign if anyone is interested. We'll also have flyers if our show makes you curious about joining our wonderful school here in Portland. Expect to see fast punches, quick kicks, leaps of faith, and see us show off a wooden weapon or two. You might even see yours truly get into a fight, yeah you heard me.

The performance will be 10 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Monday. Check your schedule books or the upcoming Kumoricon schedule for the location.

Get ready to laugh, to be amazed, and to just have fun. Come check out U.S. West Coast Taekwondo's Demonstration team or PTDT (Portland Taekwondo Demonstration Team) at Kumoricon 2011 and get ready for some high impact, high energy, nonstop fun!


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