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Tabletop Gaming's New CCG Events
« on: August 20, 2011, 03:12:41 pm »
Hello everyone. I'm Frank, your Assistant Tabletop Manager. I'm here to give you guys info on some of the new CCG events that will occur in Tabletop Gaming this year. Our schedule is packed this year and I hope you guys are excited as we are! Now, let’s get started shall we?

One of our more exciting additions to the CCG lineup are the Magic: The Gathering Infinite Drafts. Drafts are tournaments where players are given three packs and "draft" cards from the packs at the table. They then use these cards and basic lands to build 40-card minimum decks. In previous years, we've held a lone core set draft. However, we will be taking them infinite this year. There is no scheduled time for normal drafts anymore. Instead, you show up whenever you want and sign up. When we have 8 people signed up, we'll start a draft. The only limit to the amount of drafts we have are the amount of packs we have and the amount of people that show up. These will be single elimination rounds, best two out of three games. The entry fee for these will be $10. First place will receive four packs and second will receive two.

Along with our infinite drafts, we will be holding Magic: The Gathering Infinite Mini-Masters. Mini-masters is a popular casual format where you open a pack, remove the token and basic land, shuffle in three of each basic land, and then play. Set up is very easy and the format is an excellent time killer. These will start when four players are signed up. The entry fee for these will be $3.50 and the winner of the pod will receive one booster pack.

As we've freed up time in the evening, we're replacing our usual draft with a core set Sealed tournament. In sealed, you are provided six packs and must construct a 40-card minimum deck out of only those cards and basic lands. We will accommodate as many people as possible. The entry fee will be $20 and prizes will adjust with attendance.

Another new addition to our lineup is the upcoming Modern format for Magic: The Gathering. This format was revealed to the public a few months ago at the Magic: Online Community Cup and was recently announced that it was on its way to becoming an official format at San Diego Comic Con. The cards legal for this format are cards that have been printed in a core set or expansion set with the new borders. For more information, including a list of legal sets and a list of banned cards, see

We’re also adding World of Warcraft TCG events to the schedule. We have two raids scheduled. Raids are a many versus one incredibly overpowered deck format. We will be providing raid decks and if we can acquire them, there will be precons provided if you don’t have your own deck with you. We are also holding a WoW Core constructed format event.

I believe that’s all for the new stuff. We will still be having MTG Standard, Chaos Draft, EDH, and Theme Decks; Yu-Gi-Oh constructed; Pokemon constructed; and Legend of the Five Rings constructed. I hope you guys are excited for what we’re offering this year and see you all at con.