Author Topic: An AMV Contest 1st: "Coordinator's Choice" - WINNER (to be announced 3-Sep-11)  (Read 1845 times)

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I've done this for several years now, but only in this year is there one AMV I find myself watching over and over while doing all the other prep work.
It is NOT the "Judges' Choice" - that one has won on its own merits and I will be pleased to announce that winner and send the prize.
Heck - Judges' Choice might also pull a Triple Crown like we had a few years back - picking up category winner, and Best of Show.
You never know.

But, per the contest rules, I have chosen to award this other AMV the 'Coordinator's Choice.'
This is the first time the Kumoricon AMV Contest has awarded this special prize.

Stay tuned - just wait till you see it!
It has some of the best dead-on timing I have seen in at least 4 years, and the music track presents the video subjects in formidable glory and irrepressible energy.
There is of course, a chance that it might take its own category prize as well, albeit there at least two other tough contenders there to choose from, and THIS one may take Best of Show.
There are always surprises.

I announce the AMV title here shortly after the AMV contest (that is, as soon as the voting results are final and as soon as I can get to the internet thereafter...)
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Wow! I'm even more excited for the contest now! :3

I'm sure the submissions must've been great this year for a Judges' Choice *and* a "Coordinator's Choice" to be chosen; especially two different ones!

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Awesome! Can't wait to see! =D
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all this talk about amvs made me remember i entered that this year :) and now im like 100x more excited for k-con!
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Stay tuned for more information at a later date.

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Oooo I can feel the butterflies already! =^.^=

I'm sure Cannonaire's AMV will get an award, and I'll be super happy if mine is even shown. They both made the finals at Sakura-con so the odds are good.
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AMV Contest "Coordinator's Choice" - WINNER is "Blade Works"
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Here it is!
AMV No 1 in "Instrumental," the third category in the contest.

Congratulations and BRAVO ZULU!!!