Author Topic: The contest, to enter or not to enter?  (Read 1438 times)

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The contest, to enter or not to enter?
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:48:40 pm »
I've entered the cosplay contest for about two years now, and I've seen many skits and outfits that in my opinion seem to outdo anything that I could ever hope pull off, even in the novice category. My speculation is that not only did they put more time into working on them, but also had an already established group of friends to easily reach and practice with, which also leads to better resources like song and sound effects databases, and maybe a mixer to tie them all together. Very few of these I and probably other people could ever hope to achieve, if even within a year or two. And all for one little 3 minute skit, 5 minutes if they have a bigger group.

My first year I had help in saving a skit that was apparently too technical and time filling to pull off completely. Second year I had only myself and one other to rely on. Doing a decent job, bit still could have been better.

Looking down the road at this year, as one who doesn't have many contacts on the forum, or if I do they're either not doing the contest, already in a group, or too far away to do any form of rehearsing, only one solid contact outside the net, limited computer and audio resources, and probably second rate cosplays, I ask myself if the prizes at hand, material and otherwise, are worth the tiresome, back-breaking effort against all odds this year or any year after? I know I sound like I'm shooting myself in the foot before the race has even begun, but what chance do I or anyone in my position have?
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Re: The contest, to enter or not to enter?
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2011, 03:54:12 pm »
Well, you do have a chance every year. Of course, you can't win if you don't enter.

(1) So far we have about 5 skit entries and about 20 walk-ons - so we're desperate for more skits  :)   
(2) I worked out with the Programming Director a few important changes to the cosplay event that will certainly change the outcome
       (a) the judges for skits are going to be recruited from the convention GUESTS - yes, those awesome celebrities who give up their weekend to talk to you. I don't know exactly which guests they will be, yet, but I've been told some of the guests are thrilled to be able to help judge
       (b) Our pleas for better cosplay prizes have been heard - the Best in Show prize will be tickets to the next Kumoricon (so 2011 cosplay winners will have free tickets to Kumoricon 2012 - how awesome is THAT!). Other prizes will include gift certificates to fabric stores (likely JoAnn's / Fabric Depot), and other prizes that programming thinks cosplayers would want.  YEY.
      (c) We're adding an "audience Favorite">   YES, just like in the AMV competition, your ticket to the Cosplay event will be your ballot to write in your vote for Audience favorite. We haven't worked out the precise details on how it will work (and if it includes you writing the name of the skit, PLEASE print clearly so we can decipher what's written)...

So with those, I expect to see your name on an entrant form soon!   :D