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Artists Alley 2011 FAQ
« on: June 05, 2011, 10:05:13 am »
Do you have a question? Please check here as it may have already been asked.

Do I submit both forms?
Yes, that is why they are both available for download. I need both of them to do a proper review of your work and how much space you are wanting to purchase and use. I need to know many people are wanting a full table versus a half-space.

If I submit my forms early, does that improve my chances in getting a table/space?
No. Just get your forms to me by June 30 and you will be reviewed. This is not a popularity contest nor a first-come, first-serve.

I can sell food? If not, can share food with friends and attendees?
No. You are not allowed to sell manufactured or homemade food. You are allowed to have a bowl of Hershey kisses or any other wrapped candy for attendees to enjoy. You are also allowed to share your private food with friends. However, you are not allowed to sell or share hand-made food with attendees. This is a rule that is to protect you, the attendee and the convention. I love that people are learning how to make delicious treats, but the Artists Alley is not a place to have such business.

Am I allowed to have multiple artists selling at one table?
Yes. I am actually encouraging as many artists to share their space if possible. I know some of you require space that is fine. For the rest of you, having many artists represented at one time is great! Make sure to make note that is in your group so I can keep people together.

Can I sell fan art?
Yes. As long as you composed it by your own hand (no tracing or related activities), you are allowed to sell your own work as long as it does not violate any copyright laws. If there are any infringements, you will be required to remove it.

I produce my own products, is that considered commercial production?
No. Anything that you produce with your own hands (physically or design and sent to a small company to produce for you) is perfect for Artist Alley. However, products produced by a company not owned by you or you did not have any hand in the design is not okay.

Can I display my yaoi/hentai otherwise adult material?
You can have adult material at your table, but it must not be available for minors to see, touch or otherwise experience. You may have a sign stating that you have such materials and once you have checked their ID, they can see it. AA manager will also distribute pin-back buttons that will state "please ask me about my adult material". Anyone found violating this will receive one warning. Repeat offenses will not be tolerated. Please read the contact for further details. If you still have questions, please contact the AA manager.

What do you mean the AA is lightly juried this year? What does this mean?
Many shows, both conventions and otherwise, jury their applicants to some extent. Because there will be more demand then there is space, I wanted to make sure there is a chance for anyone who wants to apply. This will not only allow for me to see all those who are interested in being involved with Kumoricon, but help to make sure that we have return artists present as well as new faces that haven't been with our Artists Alley before.
What does this mean for the artist? This is your chance to put your best foot forward and show me what you got and why you should have a space in this year's Artists Alley.

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