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Exhibitors Contract Status Update
« on: June 10, 2011, 07:35:55 pm »
Attention potential Exhibitors:

The Director of Relations and her staff would like me to ensure everyone is aware of the current progress towards Exhibitors Hall finalization. As the convention open is fast approaching, we know many of you are anxiously awaiting approval or otherwise for our convention booths. We thank you for patiently doing so!

Currently we are in the process of confirming our contracts with our legal council, to ensure the best contract for all parties. As we have stated before, since there are so few Exhibitors Hall spots, it is going to be a very difficult choice for our Exhibitors Hall team and Director of Relations, but please contact them with your Washington state UBI number or Reseller Permit in compliance with state and federal laws if you have not already done so. This will speed up the confirmation process once the contract is ready to be sent to those selected for this years Exhibitors Hall.

You may e-mail all required information to and it will be forwarded to all proper channels.

Once again, the team thanks you for your patients as we make some difficult choices and provide the best contract for everyone, we cannot wait for this year!
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