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Re: say ALMOST anything we want about politics
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It's been a while since I posted here so i thught I'd put upa  post that I just put up on

Okay, folks, rant time. I live in Oregon. I've been living in this great state since 1978, when my parents, brother, and I first moved out here. I love Oregon and I love the city of Portland, Oregon. But I have to be honest. My state is in trouble, for that matter Portland is in big trouble. The increasing homeless epidemic, the drug epidemic, and a city and state Government that are apathetic to the will of the Oregon people is really starting to ug me. I remember I used to go to downtown Portland with my brother and my mother when i was a child. Back then we had places such as B. Dalton's bookseller, Meier and Frank, Newberry's and all sorts of great places. Even in the 90's there were some great places that i loved such as Egghead Software where I used to buy games.

A couple years ago when I was coming home from the last Kumoricon at the Vancouver Hilton and the d Red Lion Hotel. The city I swear to God looked like something out of that movie A Clockwork Orange. So many empty buildings so many homeless people. And what's worse is in recent years that problem has spread out into the towns and suburbs surrounding the downtown area. The Portland city council meantime sees fit to just throw money at the problem hoping it will go away and it isn't. In fact it's getting worse, to the point where as much as I love Oregon it's becoming as bad as California.  And I dislike that because I've sen how horrid California has become.

What's worse is our State Government continues to tax the rest of us into the ground while handing off freebees to illegal immigrants and homeless people while ignoring it's own citizens. This is absolutely unacceptable. as I know for a fact Oregon can do better than this, much, much better than this. So I've decided to start speaking out on this matter.

While i may not be able to do all that much about the other States of the U.S. what I can do is something about my own backyard. Whether we're Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or independent the fact of matters is the Regressive Left or the Far-Left that controls the Democrats and a number of states in our Union are driving this country into the ground all in the name of acquisition of power, and if the working classes get hurt in the effort, well in their eyes that's just too bad. And this is why I say everything the Regressive Left is offering I don't want. America and Oregon have to live free.
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