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Yojimbo [Security] Information from Head of Security
« on: August 26, 2005, 09:50:27 am »
Hello everyone.  My name is Jess Shelton, head of the Yojimbo for KumoriCon.  I am sorry if anyone here has not been getting security information or meeting informations from the Staff List.  ANYONE who had signed up as a volunteer was to be added to that mailing list and be recieving the updates.  Apparently there were some problems and few people have been getting them (which explains why no one showed up at the first meetings).  The information on these meetings are as follows:

" The weekend is approaching and we've got another couple of Yojimbo meetings coming up.  The first is going to be Saturday the 27th, at Noon, Alton-Baker park in Eugene, next to the large power tower visible from the main parking lot.    The second is going to be Sunday the 28th, at Noon, River Front park in Portland, next to the Battleship Oregon memorial.  With only a week left there aren't many more meetings available and these should only last an hour at the most.  The final ones will be the first night of setup, and the morning the Convention opens, two hours before registration opens.  Both of these will be in our main hall.  Thank you everyone."

It is only required to attend one of these meetings during which we shall be going over basic policy, showing examples of appropriate and inappropriate attire/activities/props, and doing some basic play acting for dealing with people.  The final meeting the morning of the Convention will be a quick refresher on how to use the radios.  

  As to the manual which I wrote up, I turned it over to the Operations manager and to the person nominally in charge of maintaining the website.  It appears that in all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the convention it has not been posted yet.  I shall look into this.  Until then there is an article on the front page of the website called "Con Policy".  This contains the basics of what all Yojimbo (security) will be watching for so I recommend reading it through.  Hopefully we will have the Emergencies Manual up soon and if not there shall be copies of BOTH Yojimbo Policy and Emergencies Manual shown at the meetings (I will try to provide as many copies as possible but at the moment my printing capabilities are limited).  If all else fails I shall have them printed out by the time of the convention and available at the Operation Office for people to take with them on duty, as well as copies as Registration and at the Information Booth.

  I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience, everyone is working over time currently to get the Con up and running with far fewer people then is really necessary.    Hope to see you all soon.
Jess Shelton
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