Author Topic: Logistics needs a few more able bodys (New Department needs more people)  (Read 3399 times)

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This is Wes aka Ryma. The Logistics Manager for Kumoricon 2011

I am currently looking for a few more able body's to help make the newest department of the convention run smoothly and efficiently.

Open Positions:

Lost and Found Coord
*Must be 18
*must be able to organize
*must be able to carry 20lbs
*must be able to manage small groups of people at various times
*would like if you have had customer service experience.
Must keep track and update a small database of items that have been lost and someone has turned in

Logistics Staff.
You can never have enough staff!
*Must be 18
*must be able to organize
*must be able to help out other departments in Operations (yojimbo and Registration)
*must be able to carry 20lbs

Being logistics staff is a great staffing position for new people who want to see what various parts of the convention is like. You will be responsible for stepping in for other departments when they get short staffed. As well as being able to walk from both hotels and deliver information and items.

Have questions or would like to sign up? Please e-mail me at
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Teh Medic IS BACK!!!

So whats up and who can i contact for the appropriate registration info to expedite my involvement? Or if youd like to contact me (seeing as bob told me someone was asking for me?) there several methods and most if not all past yoji have or have had my cell#.

This is not Spam... Jeff... lol hope to be able to see everyone again soon.
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