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Pimp My Cosplay!--Con Edition
« on: December 19, 2010, 06:47:45 pm »
I thought about going with something simple: Pimp My Ride + cosplaying.

Lovely assistants:
Average Cosplayer:
Pimped out Rival Cosplayer:
Tow Truck crew:

Basic script starts out with an otaku who has a very used and worn down cosplay that's seen several conventions. The host walks out and recommends he get a tune up. The lovely assistants apply the upgrades as the host comments on each one:
New paintjob (brightly colored robe and cloth belt)
Neon underglow (belt with active glowsticks hanging from it)
Bottle of NOS (NOS energy drink bottle)
Fluorescent headlights (pair of LED head flashlights)
Kicking sound system (ipod strapped to leg or boombox)
Carbon rear wing (black wing-shaped panel) "One Winged Angel" plays on music player
Chrome Muffler (chrome strip of duct tape over mouth)
Spinning rims (spinning discs, or actual spinning hub caps)
Racing engine block (box labeled racing engine)

Once all the upgrades are applied, a rival pimped out cosplayer will challenge the otaku to a lowrider hydraulics contest (push ups). A pad is rolled out and both continue doing pushups until one gives up. After the contest, the rival would lastly challenge the otaku to a race. The host yells "go" and both run offstage making engine revving sounds. A tree (someone dressed in brown with green gloves and a green hat) appears onstage as the two circle around and run back onstage. The otaku doesn't see the tree coming and crashes into it, making everyone else flinch. A tow truck crew stops by and lays the otaku and the tree onto two truck beds (skateboards), then pulls them offstage. The host concludes "Good thing he's got insurance on that thing," and bids farewell to the audience. Everyone walks offstage.

I would prefer the people who want to participate be roughly in the Portland area, and if possible, have a phone contact and/or e-mail for ease of communication.
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