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Weird last-post glitch


It's nothing but a minor annoyance, but I've seen the server get confused a handful of times on when the true last post was. Even after refreshing both pages, I still see:

When I go to the AMJMC board or to the thread where the last two posts were made, it correctly shows last post as "Today at 11:01:23 AM by ~boogiepop~ "
On the main board, it says "Last post by Washougal_Otaku in Re: Fall 2010 Season: Wh... on Today at 10:44:18 AM".

That happens when the MySQL server drops a query (for whatever reason; traffic too high, etc.) in the middle of a forum action, because SMF does not use SQL transactions. The bottom line is SMF, as are the other options for forum software, is really buggy (yes, I consider not using SQL transactions a bug). I really wish there were better choices in the forum software world.

Even though I lack the professional/coding knowledge to grok what you guys are talking about, I love the savvy and attention to detail that each of you have. Just sending love.


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