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So maybe I'm just dumb... [changing avatars]

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but how the heck are you suppose to change your icon??! Figured I should change it out from the like... four year old picture... and i can't freakin' change it. And it's startin' to really tick me off. Some help for the dumb one, please???

At the top, click "Profile."  On the new page there is a menu on the left, click "Forum Profile Information." ^^

Yeah... dumb thing is... it hasn't worked for like... three years for me.

then you can up load a new pic by clicking browse and such, right? then Change profile?

yeah. it's a dead horse that I keep beating. And it's starting to make me mad. I only have like... tonight with my own laptop to do this. Mom killed her computer, so she's using my laptop for all her AOL... -grumbles out into nothingness-

^ HAHA!  You stole the expression I used in the word thread!  Well, I gotta get ready for work; bye! <3

So I just freakin' got it... stupid thingy...

It's called Tinypic, and it works better... now I'm gonna just... I dunno... go scream into a pillow because I didn't think of this three years ago... and...

-runs hand down her face and moans in a weird mix of disappointment, embarrassment, and sheer frustration-

Today has sucked for me since I turned on the laptop... STARTING with the laptop. the ironic times kills me.

PS: Washu-- your a jerk. <3


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