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Pocky Club- Orders and Final Plans (for the public!)
« on: August 09, 2005, 09:10:05 pm »
Hello all! This is it! the thread for everyone outside of the Club to hear what we'll be doing for you!

Pocky Club is interested in the promotion of Pocky and anime! We help spread the joy of both by delivering pocky while in costume! The people we deliver to aren't chosen at random though. From now until the first night of the convention (Saturday night) we'll be accepting "request" forms. These forms will tell us about the person you think needs some pocky from one of our delivery agents.

Here are the forms (available on the Pocky Club website as well.)
PDF printable
PDF fillable and printable
(you can get the Adobe Reader http://here)

Word doc version

Note that Pocky Listed will not necesarily be the Pocky we have on hand (we may have more flavours also!). Multiple choices are allowed but only one box per delivery.

You can deliver these to my hotel room at the Double Tree (I'll be checking in Friday night and I'll let you all know when I have a room number) or email a copy to
If you have trouble with a form or questions then email your information and/or problems to the same address.

Here's some quick rules and things you should know about deliveries.

1. The Delivery Agents are not "callgirls", they are cosplayers who deliver pocky to people to cheer them up and are not a form of prostitution.

2. Please order deliveries for people who do not want them. Pocky Club is donation run and every wasted delivery is time and Pocky out of our coffers.

3. Pocky Club will be delivering on Sunday morning, we plan to make all of our deliveries before the Masquerade/cosplay event. Other special deliveries may be made if time and resources allow.

4. Catgrils are not guaranteed. (but we are VERY unlikely to run out.  :wink:  )

5. The Delivery Staff is not repsponsible if the delivery client is not in the room we are told. I understand that you can't guarantee where the person is going to be within a 5 hour period but a time and place are needed to locate him/her. This is why contact information is important, Pcokly Club will try hard to find the person you want to have the Pocky and we appreciate your help in the matter.

6. Please do not place orders for yourself. Pocky Club is a kind of candygram service and is meant to suprise/brighten up a person's day. We can deliver messages ofr you aor just let the person know that someone wanted them to have pocky from a friendly cosplayer. If you want pocky delivered to you drop hints to your friends. Hints that can be dropped include money, especially when said hint is dropped into our donation box/button.

Finally, here is a list of costumes that our Delivery Staff has at their disposal. More may be available by the time the convention arrives. These are the ones that are guaranteed to be there.
Ranma Saotome -Ranma 1/2
Mya Farzhide - Exodus: Faded Spirits
Adult Mya Farzhide - Exodus: Faded Spirits
Luigi girl - Mario Bros. (inspired)
Mario girl - Mario Bros (inspired)
Miroku - Inu Yasha
Yuki - Exodus: Faded Spirits
Tibby - Exodus: Faded Spirits
Kotoko - Chobits
Dejiko -DigiCharat
Sakura - Card Captor Sakura
Riku Harada - DNAngel
Haku - Naruto
elk - .hack
Gilder - Skies of Arcadia
*Nyte tyme kuddle kitty from ori.
* Ruki of elegant fallen  
*ruki of solo artist era
* chii frum original design

Misc. Cat boys and girls from no particular anime will also be available.

Some pictures are available in the previous Pocky Club threads for those that are curious.

Once again, email any questions you have to
I will be at the general meeting on the 14th as well.
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