Author Topic: the official 2011 cosplay progress thread  (Read 360734 times)

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Re: the official 2011 cosplay progress thread
« Reply #2850 on: September 11, 2011, 09:09:47 pm »
Working for stuff for Akicon.

Almost done with my Genderbend Sahara from Kaiji (Which nobody seems to watch BUT EVERYONE SHOULD BECAUSE OH MY GOD). Someone I know did a genderbend Kaiji at Kumoricon and we started talking about doing the Human Derby versions for Akicon so it's happenin'~

Just gotta take up the straps in the tank top so it doesn't sit so low, paint the shirt, make a money envelope, and figure out what to do for the hair. I think I'm going to us another wig I have that is shoulder length and put some clips in it.

Also, this is the easiest and cheapest cosplay I've ever done. Probably made it in a collective <24 hours and it cost me $6.99
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