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Fanfiction/Manga/Webcomic Contest Winners Announced!
« on: September 07, 2010, 04:25:59 pm »
Thank you to all you wonderful authors and artists who entered!
I send you all so much love for sharing your work!

Here are the winners of Creation Station's Fanfic Contest, our 8th at Kumoricon!

Best Online Comic or Manga:
     "Everblue: Chapter 2 Preview", by Michael Sexton. Original content.

Best Newbie:
     Michael Sexton, for "Everblue: Chapter 2 Preview". Original content.

Best Offline Comic, Manga, or Graphic Novel:
     "Moments Past", by Cora Copelin (pencils, inks); Ryan Malone (story, writing); and
     Tyler Gibson (story, writing). Original content.

Best Authenticity:
     "Moments Past", by Cora Copelin, Ryan Malone, & Tyler Gibson. Original content.

Best Comedy:
     "Sanji's Spinner," by Spifferific (Patty Murrell). One Piece fandom.

Best Non-Anime Fanfiction:
     "Electrify", by Allyson Falconer. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen fandom.

Best Novel- or Novella-Length Fic:
     "While You Were Out", by "Dentelle Noir" (Ashley Kennedy). Gundam Wing (AU) fandom
      x While You Were Out.

Best Game-Based Fic:
      "Close Quarters", by Tobu Ishi (aka FilkAeris). Final Fantasy VII fandom.

Best Drama:
      "Intensity", by Taco (Erika Wade). Tales of Vesperia fandom.

Best Romance:
      "Perhaps Requite", by Debra Stansbury. Final Fantasy VIII fandom.

Best One Shot:
       "Full Circle", by Tobu Ishi (aka FilkAeris). Pokemon fandom.

Best Crossover:
       "Bishounen Trouble," by Anka (aka The Lady Pendragon). Kyou Kare Maou 
       x Soukyuu no Fafner.

Best Fluff:
       "My Fwend Axel", by Randi Craig. Kingdom Hearts II fandom (AU).

Congratulations not only to all winners, but to all contestants, for such a fun set of fics to read!

Much love!

Rem, aka Ellen Klowden, Creation Station Manager.

Ellen. 2003: Fanfic panelist & contest judge.
2004: Beta Station Coord. 2005: Fan Creation Station Coord.;pre-event assistant to the con chair.2006: Fanfic Mgr/C.S. Coord.
2007, 8, 9, 10: Fan Creation Manager. 2011: Writing & Editing Coord (Publicity).