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Karaoke Competition Audition list
« on: September 01, 2010, 11:43:08 pm »
Karaoke Auditions List

Erika Wade
   Jeni Smith
   Kate Fletcher
   Erika Wade
Elizabeth Fortner
Amy Johansen
Alexis Leynes
Moonlight - Kurochi Misa
Jill Johannsen
   Megan Terril
   Desiree Lougee
LaDia Broughton
Savanah Middlebrook
   Sahara Sooter
   Shailyn Sooter
Octavia Holly
Jeni Smith
Jamie Butcher
Stephany Landtiser
Hayley Ebberts
Sheena Georges
Kristen Leal

People who sign up at con will be added here

Hiromi McClurg
Shanon Harp

   Auditions will start at 11:00am Saturday the 4th.  Everyone needs to check in at the Karaoke Lounge before 11:00.  If you get stuck in the registration lines please ask one of the maid squad to hold your place so you can come check in and I’ll move your time further back.

   At this point there are only 3 Hybrid competition entrants and 19 for Idol.  If anyone would like to change to Hybrid(or wouldn’t mind if I put you there after hearing your audition) email me at or tell me when you check in.

See you all at con!!
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