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The Hunger Games 2010
« on: September 01, 2010, 01:13:39 pm »

That's right. I challenge YOU! To show how much this story moves you. I DARE you to put together this as a last minute cosplay for Kumoricon 2010! & to do it WELL! You have 3 days.

How hard could it be to come up with tawny pants, leather shoes a light green shirt and a calf length light hooded jacket. A mislanious 'Tribute' one of the first 11 slaughtered at the corneucopia (no I can not spell that right & it's not the point)

start a revolution! Show your love for all kinds of characters in amazing stories no matter where they come from!

Because if we can come & show our apreaciation of Harry Potter & the stories that surround his I say why not Kaniss Everdeen & the stories that surround her!

I will be putting together my Katniss outfit & doing myself up like she was durring a certain part of the games- look for me if you love the story & tell me what you think of the job I did. Let me see if you can figure out just where in the story I am Cossing from.

& to all the Nay-Saying Capitolists out there I have only one thing to say;


<3 much love to the fans <3,

& may the odds be 'ever in your favor'