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a room at the hilton
« on: August 15, 2010, 10:59:31 am »
im looking to get a room at the Hilton where the con is, but can not afford it on my own. I am looking for any interested party's who would like to go up on the room and stay in it. no sleep arrangements are certain so if you have a preference please say so.
Co-ed welcome, all ages(under 18 requires parent/guardian written or spoken permission), there will be room for as many as are allowed but be aware that some payment for the room will be required. the preferred outcome would be that on the first day of(Saturday the 5th), all who are in on it meet up at the Hilton and check in together. your personal belongings are of course your responsibility and will be left alone.
If there are any questions, you may e-mail me directly at: apologize for the long/ wierd name, its a old address but is irreplaceable).
Thank you, Dr. Jacob K. Davis
Dr. Jakob T. Ripper