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A gem of the interwebs!
« on: July 23, 2010, 07:15:27 am »
Anybody who has been around the semi local con circuit and especially Kumoricon and Sakuracon are probably familiar with someone who goes by the alias Big Chris. He is one of the con personalities that is not to be missed. He can have a big scary voice sometimes but he is an all around lovable hugable teddy bear. He has commonly been spotted at cons as Mojo Jojo, Gai Sensei (Naruto), Akuma and various other things (he has more changes of costumes than I do pairs of socks).

Anyways I was wandering the internet upon some of my favorite sites and behold our con personality has found his way to the LoLCats websites on Bob's House of Video Games!!! (Link below)

I would absolutely love it if anybody here that knows him or has run into him and had a great time in his presence would go onto this site and post something positive and happy. My hope is that when he sees it and all the nice comments it will leave him with that awesome con love warm fuzzy feeling we all get when someone tells us how nice our cosplay is or takes our picture.

Thank you thank you!!!

<3 Feel free to move this thread if there is somewhere it is better suited to be!