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watch and discuss: sailor moon
« on: May 14, 2010, 07:50:44 am »
on a sewing forum im part of w have "sew-a-longs" where every one makes the same thing or close t the same thing, presents thier project and discuss evrything about it.

so i thought "why not change it into an anime type thing?"

i've been wanting to re watch sailor moon for a while now (even though i've seen it a million times). my thoughts were we coul star with season one, and if we got tierd of it, swich to a differnt anime. lets stick with subs that also have dubs, though.

for the first round why dont we watch episode one of both jap and english sailor moon and then talk about what was good what was bad and any thing else that comes to mind.

does one episode a week sound good? or should it be increased to 2?

either way i'll be watching my first epidsode this week end. hope you guys join me!
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