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Rockband Free Play Song List
« on: April 18, 2010, 12:18:49 am »
Hi there all! For those who enjoyed Rockband free play last year, you may remember me as DJ RAXL! from the morning shift of said game.  Well now I'm running the area, and I'm looking for a little help and input from you guys!  I'm spending all my money buying an Ion drum kit, some new guitars, and nice speakers for y'all, so I am one broke DJ.  However, if you want some additional songs for the set list, I'd like to open up a PayPal donation site so you can request them!  I'll include a Google Docs spreadsheet so you can see what songs I have and what songs you want.  If you request a specific song, please make note of it in your donation, either by telling me here or click "Add Special Instructions To Seller" as you donate.  I will also be adding songs with what money I can over the next months, so even if you can't donate, please list your favorites so we can make sure to have them!
The system is a PS3, so keep in mind that tracks will be a little behind on the release schedule.  I will attempt to keep the track list as up to date as possible, especially when purchases are made.
Specific song notes: For the AC/DC Live Track Pack, I will have to buy the whole thing at once, hard copy.  That's $15-20 from Amazon, so please keep that in mind.

Song List:

To Donate: