Author Topic: 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series - 10'  (Read 464 times)

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'Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series - 10'
« on: March 09, 2010, 02:51:25 pm »
Calling all Call of Duty Fans

If you are going to Cosplay as one
of the Call of Duty Characters then
this is the Thread you will have to be in.
Please tell mr who will you go to Kumoricon
as it can be anybody: Ghost, Soap, Captain price
or makrov or and of the USA Soidiers

COD Cosplayers:
SgtGhostAlecMW2: Ghost
Cosplays i plan to go as at kumoricon:

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Re: 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series - 10'
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2010, 03:37:03 pm »
This is one of those times that I really, really wish I was either a guy or could crossplay convincingly since I would SO be Soap. Because he is awesome. But since I can't I'm just going to keep a lookout for you, since Ghost and Soap are the coolest characters...