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Re: Let's talk Contacts
« Reply #50 on: May 09, 2010, 05:01:20 pm »
You all seem really trustworthy, so I have a question, haha.
Where can a girl with astigmatisms and in need of perscription lenses find yellow contacts? I can only find brown lenses that are honey colored. ): I also would like to pay only like, $65 dollars at most, but if need be, I might be able to pay more. Thanks!
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Re: Let's talk Contacts
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I have some questions on contacts!
How bad do they hurt? ;o;

As a regular contacts user, I can asure you that after having them in for a little while (around 30 minutes if you've never tried them before) they aren't uncomfortable. You pretty much forget they're there.

When you first put them in, have a bottle of eye drops at the ready. Then just let your eyes tear up a little (don't wear make up at this point). If the lenes are thick it will fell like there is something on your eye and feel stange when you blink, but it doesn't last.

Though, when you first get them on, the next few minutes won't feel good or natural, but it fades. So, if you can pull through the first 30 minutes or a little less, then there shouldn't be a problem. ^_^
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