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Forum moderator applications for 2010
« on: February 18, 2010, 06:59:18 pm »
We're taking applications for forum moderators for the 2010 convention year. Forum Moderator is a staff position in the Publicity department.

Forum moderators should be active on the forums and regularly read many or most of the threads. Frequent participation in online forums, or even better, moderating experience, is a big plus. Like the Yojimbo position at the con, this is both a rule-enforcement position, and a customer service position. As a forum moderator, you'll need to follow the moderation guidelines that have been established as well as exercise judgment in unforeseen situations. Occasionally, difficult situations will arise in which you may need to discuss with other moderators or defer to the Website Administrator or director level. You'll also have the opportunity to suggest forum guidelines and changes.

We are looking to select from 2 to 3 moderators from those who apply. Depending on the amount of experience of the applicants, we may hold an evaluation period for a few weeks before making a final selection (and in this case, we may select additional people for the evaluation period and then reduce the number who are chosen to stay permanently). Those picked in the final selection will become the official staff moderators for the 2010 convention year.

If you are interested, please prepare the following information:

  • Your name, forum name, and email address.
  • Any previous Kumoricon staff positions you have held, and what years.
  • Any relevant experience which you think contributes to your being a good moderator. This can include participation in online forums, moderating experience, web site experience, customer service experience, rule-enforcing experience, or anything else.
  • Please also simply state why you think you would be a good moderator.

Please send applications, or any questions, to We will reply back confirming receipt of your application.

Applications for the initial moderator selection must be received by Wednesday, March 10.

If there is a shortage of moderators later in the year or a need for a greater number, we may re-open applications.

Thank you!
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